Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best of the Best for 2010

Otay, here it is, the final vote for me... this one is for the best of the best, the most valuable man on the field. There are 10 slots on this vote, and in the interest of time and scores of stats,I'm only going to give ya an explanation on my top two. Keep in mind this is REGULAR season stats and statistics...

So without further adieu... here are my top picks for the BBA Stan Musial Award

1) WINNER - Miguel Cabrera (DET): Cabrera was the most consistent player in the American league this season. He lead the league with 126 RBI's and a .420OBP in 648 plate appearances, 38 HR and crossing the plate 111 times. Cabrera is the core of the Tigers, the man who drives the car. Miguel proved in a season where his veteran teammates were getting injured all around him, he had the ability to set an example for the slew of upcoming rookies while carrying the team on his back preventing them from slipping to the bottom of the AL Central all while batting a respectable .328.

2) Josh Hamilton (TX) - Hamilton is well deserving of the ALMVP but in the regular season, he didn't play in enough games for me to qualify him as consistent. Hamilton clocks in with 571 plate appearances, 32 home runs, an even 100 RBI's and a batting champ worthy .359. This was a close one, but in the end, he didn't have the numbers in the categories that are most important to me consistently thru the season to garner this award. His team played well as a unit and he was a great piece to the puzzle but in no way did he carry the team to their final destination. Best of luck to him in the World Series - it is well deserved and I'll be rooting for the Rangers this year to take it all.

3) Jose Bautista (TOR)
4) Robinson Cano (NYY)
5) Paul Konerko (CWS)
6) CC Sabathia (NYY)
7) Joe Mauer (MIN)
8) Evan Longoria (TB)
9) Ichiro (SEA)
10)A. Rodriguez (NYY)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Round 2 - Willie Mays and His Rookies!

On we go to the Best new player of the season - yes it's time to rank the Top Rookies the American League for the BBA's Willie Mays Rookie Award. Here are my picks...

#1 - WINNER - Austin Jackson (Detroit Tigers) Austin, in my opinion, mastered the one thing that is crucial for a rookie who wants to take top prize - consistency. Austin played in nearly every game this season and finished up with 578 AB, 173 hits, 36 RBI and scored 96 Runs on a .299 BA. While most rookies hit a hot spot then fizzle, or slow to start and bring it home in the end, Austin was consitent all season. When faced with a slump at the plate he had the dedication and concentration to pull himself out before his struggle turned into a tailspin. Austin Jackson took home the Rookie of the Month award in April.

#2 - Neftali Feliz (Texas Rangers) this selection goes against all I believe when handing out awards, pitchers have their own award so I dont think they should be eligible for this one. But the season Feliz had is not to be overlooked. Feliz finished the regular season with 49 saves, 97 innings pitched, 25 balls and only 27 runs given up while holding a 2.50 ERA. The only reason I cannot give him the top billing for this award is that although he was consistently good, he did not appear in as many games as Jackson. There is a drastic difference between playing 9 innings batting and fielding vs throwing for 3 outs. I just don't think he had enough on field time to take the top spot. Neftali Feliz took home the Rookie of the Month award in September.

#3 Brennan Boesch (Detroit Tigers) ok, its a coincidence that I picked two Tigers. Favorite team aside, the Tigers paraded a pethora of rookies around the diamond all season long. Brennan came on like a shot hitting anything that was thrown in his general direction. But post all star break, Boesch couldnt hit his way out of a paper bag for over two months. Brennan finished the season with 443 AB, 114 hits, 35 RBI's and scored 45 runs on a .257 BA. If Boesch would have held out with half the power and dominance he showed in the first half he would have been top candidate for this award; however, the consistency just wasn't there. Boesch was the Rookie of the Month in May and June.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Connie Mack in the Haus...

Ok, So as a member of the BBA, I get to cast a vote for the Connie Mack Award, which is my opinion on which Manager was the best of they year in the American League. This isn't a scientific, stat laden decision (as many of mine rarely are). This is a shoot from the hip, who I think deserves it most decision.

So without further adieu, my top three nominees are...

#1 - MY WINNER - Ron Washington of the Texas Rangers (90-72). Rangers went through a lot the last couple of seasons... from old owners to new owners to Nolan Ryan and bankruptcy. Ron Washington managed to keep the team focused and on target while overcoming a dirty little test which he admitted to some unfortunate substance abuse. Big props for Mr. Washington leading his Rangers to their first playoff appearance in this millennium.

#2 - Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays (96-66). I don't watch a whole lot of the Rays (due mostly in part to the fact that they are not in my television market) but I have seen the documentaries and such, I like to think that Joe Maddon is an all round good guy - Sans the Brayzers craze (yeah, sorry, they are ugly and need to go away) On the outside it looks as if all Tampa Bay needed was a uniform change and a name change to make them perennial contenders. But I like to think that Joe Maddon had something to do with it as well.

#3 - Ron Gardenhire - Minnesota Twinkies(94-68). This pains me being a Tigers fan and the Twinkies are repeatedly raining on our playoff parade. Ron Gardenhire is constantly overlooked for this award. I think that it is because they have a tendency to choke in the playoffs year after year but lest we not forget that it takes an incredible amount of managing, baseball knowledge and people skills to get there year after year. Consistency is not an easy feat, but Ron makes it look like it is simple as cake.

Comming soon to this blog near you... the Willie Mays Rookie award and the Stan Musial most awesomest player of the year award... stay tuned...