Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Waving the White Flag...

OK, so even though the Tigers won over the ChiSox today, for the second day in a row, I'm waving the white flag on the season. I tried to stay optimistic about this season, even during the post all star break break-down, but at this point, it's a lost cause. My Tigers are not going to make it to the playoffs. A few points of recap as to why -

1) Miggy and the Mud Hens - how many players on this team had their first major league hit this season? A ridiculous amount. So many in fact that the September expansion was no real expansion at all.

2) Starting pitching inconsistency - they are good, they are bad, they are great, they are terrible... all at once...

3) Bull pen - same as above - they started the season as a force to be reckoned with - Zumaya was hottttt, Valverde could strike out anything holding a bat, Perry was sharp, then Zumaya went down with his freak elbow explosion (I was there, it was UGLY) and the collapse began... which leads us to...

4) Injuries - woah... too many, so many, so bad. Zumaya's elbow explosion, Inge's broken magic healing hand, Magglio's ankle (this one pains me beyond belief... more to come on this situation later... I luv you Maggs!!!) and Carlos "Man o Glass" Guillen's weekly trips to the DL put the Tigers in a position to get young - and get young in a hurry (see #1)

I will continue to watch my Motor City Kitties till the last pitch of the last game of the season (mostly out of habit) but I'm going to have to send some of my sweet lovin' to my backup team - San Diego Padres... Go Padres Go!!! Get into the playoffs so I have a reason to watch post season baseball... well other than to root for the yankees to loose :-)

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