Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready, Set.... GO (already)!!!

The roster is finalized, the 25 men who will represent our fair city have been chosen and it is time to get this season underway... almost... not quite... few more days...

As the Tigers pack it up in Lakeland and head north, a few interesting tidbits of information that I found exceptionally amusing...

Don Kelly, the perennial minor leaguer, has made the 2010 Tigers opening day roster over Jeff Larish and Clete Thomas... hmmmmm... interesting

OK, given his versatility around the diamond (the boy can play just about every position besides pitcher and catcher) I still don't know if I like this decision the Tiger's brass has made. I know it's all business, but from an emotional standpoint, I'm a big fan of Clete... he's my boy (well, runner up to the man Maggs) and he worked hard all spring... so throwing all rationale aside, I think Clete should have gotten the call.

I also understand that Clete is nursing a shoulder injury suffered last week by a rogue pitch. It was in his best interest to stay in Toledo a few more weeks to "rehab" and heal that shoulder. True, true... but it OPENING DAY ROSTER we are talking about here. And anyone who is familiar with early spring call ups knows that they aren't, shall we say, prevalent in baseball society.

Cheer up Clete - I still love ya, and I'm rooting for ya to come up and finally stay up in the majors this year. Lets put this ping pong trip between Detroit and Toledo behind you for good.

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