Thursday, April 29, 2010

For the Love of Magglio...

Oh how wonderful he is... My boy Magglio Ordonez got his career 2,000 hit today. That makes him the 260th major league player to do so and the 6th Venezuelan player to hit that mark - Congrats to him - I hope he stays a Tiger for years to come so I can see career hit 2,500 (I was at the game in Sept '08 when he had his 1,000 RBI). I would also like to mention that my boy Magglio only need 19 more home runs to hit the 300 plateau - another highly regarded milestone for a major league player. I'm taking bets that it happens in the 2010 season.

OK, so this will lead nicely into my rant of the moment. To all you nay sayers and Magglio haters who felt the need to overly express your dislike of the man last season, to those of you who called for his head on a platter at the all star break, and those who cursed his name when he hit the benchmark to extend his contract for this season - Shame on you! Granted when you are making $18 million a season there is not a lot of room for error and judgements fly quickly from the mouths of those who view. It's only human nature to be more critical of others than we are of ourselves.. He heard these criticisms, he heard these doubts. He knew what was wrong and he worked harder than ever in the off season to correct these things. Ah, dedication and love of the game at it's finest.

To all you naysayers and bashers who had the gall to snicker behind me at the park while I was proudly wearing the jersey of my favorite player (#30). Shame on you too. To all the friends, acquaintances, coworkers and family members who told me to give up on him - move on and find yourself a new favorite player - never. Sorry, not gonna happen. I kept the faith in my boy and look how he's repaying me now.

So Maggs, you keep bashing that ball around the field and I will be there to watch you and cheer you on - hitting or not, night after night till you decide to retire (hopefully as a Tiger).

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