Sunday, April 11, 2010

Screams and Heart Attacks abound on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

I was looking forward to doing nothing today, a great way to cap off my 3 day weekend. I had planned on watching some TV (aka baseball or MLB Network), reading a little bit of my book and just lounging on my couch. To keep from getting too lazy I would get up occasionally to go to the bathroom, yell at the cat or look out the window. I was planning on sipping iced tea and eating Klondike bars while watching the afternoon matinee Tigers game vs the Indians - a sweep was on the line. A nice lazy Sunday in my world

What I didn't plan on was Justin Verlander giving up 5 runs (and a grand salami courtesy of Valbuena) in the first inning and sending my afternoon into utter turmoil. WHAAAAATTT just happened here? Is this our ace? Is this what aces do? WHAAAATTT is going on??? OK, so much for lounging on the couch and watching a lazy Sunday game. This had quickly turned into a "screw it, they already lost so I think I'm gonna take a nap instead" afternoon.

But my conscience got the better of me. Besides, my boy Magglio had a 5 game hit streak going on and I just couldn't turn the channel till I knew he kept the streak alive to see the next game. I know it's shallow and not a good reason for continuing to watch the game but, hair or no hair (and I do miss the hair dearly), that boy can swing a bat like no other... anyway, by the middle of the 6th with the Tigers down 7-1 I had all but given up hope - Verlander was out, Bonine was in and nothing was going on offensively so... again, I contemplated putting in a movie.

But again, the conscience got the better of me so I just laid back down on the couch and continued to watch my Tigers get pounded into submission by a team that for all intensive purposes, had no reason to win this game... they are the Indians for crying out loud!!!

By the bottom of the 7th the boys had somehow managed to battle back with the Indians still leading 8-4. At least if they were going to loose it wouldn't be a blowout. At this point, the remote was placed upon the coffee table - I had made it this far into the game I might as well watch it out now... I had gone from laying on the couch to at least sitting upright.

By the bottom of the 8th things had gotten way interesting... Indians were still on top 8-6 but my blood was starting to circulate. No longer sitting on the couch, I had now positioned myself to the attentive position of sitting on the coffee table (yes I know you aren't supposed to sit on coffee tables but it's mine dammit and I'll sit on it if I want to!) in front of the TV. They were only down by 2 - they have come back to win games like this before - they have also blown bigger games by smaller margins before... my head was trying to be honest by my heart, which was starting to work a little faster than "laying on couch mode" was telling me that they could do it - they would win it.

Middle of the 9th, Tigers held the Indians to 8 runs - no more for them. we had the heart of our lineup due in the bottom of the 9th. Kelly grounds out, Maggs (Oh Venezuelan God of Baseball you are) crushes another single to get on base (FIRE, the man is on FIRE - don't you dare put him out - .462 BA) Miggy walks, Guillen doubles in Maggs to bring the score to 8-7. Inge hits a broken bat infield grounder for the 2nd out. Leyland decides to bring in Johnny Damon to pinch hit for Laird and he walks on 4 straight balls - bringing in the tying run. By this time - I am pacing in circles in front of my TV, fists clenches and I have started to yell at my TV (don't worry, this is normal) Scott Sizemore comes up to the plate and a wild pitch/passed ball gets away from Marson, the Indians catcher and rolls to the backstop, allowing Guillen to score the winning run.

HOOORRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!! My cat is in full on "hide from screaming mommy" mode, neighbors are starting to stir outside my door and I am thankful no one lives below me as I was jumping up and down cheering and screaming - Holy Crap Batman! They actually pulled it off, they won the game!!!

If this is any precursor to how the season is going to go, than I am psyched. For all intensive purposes, they should have lost this game - they left 18 men on base throughout the game - a record that has not been seen by the Tigers since 1920. Fortunately for the Tigers, they took advantage of the like 200 walks the Indians pitchers issued us...

So much for my lazy Sunday - I avoided the coronary, but that is a baseball game that Detroit Tigers fans wont soon forget.

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